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Welcome to the IAF Northwest!

The IAF Northwest is a regional network of broad-based community alliances in Washington, Oregon, Canada and Australia.  Each alliance’s goals are to build individual civic leadership, strengthen its member organizations, and to serve as a vehicle for these members to act in the public arena with sufficient power for the common good.

The IAF Northwest is part of the larger Industrial Areas Foundation which has affiliates in 19 additional states, the United Kingdom and Germany.   Started in 1940, the IAF is the oldest and most widely recognized network of its kind.  The IAF Northwest consists of eight established local Alliances and four start-up Alliances.

Each of the Alliances is a broad-based organization made up of a diverse group of resourceful, passionate everyday people—united through their religious, education, labor and community organizations.

The Alliances create opportunities for these people to connect and act powerfully and creatively as leaders -  to bring about practical solutions to the challenges facing their families and communities.  The IAF Northwest is nonideological and strictly nonpartisan, but proudly, publicly, and persistently political.



Clinic Based Organizing

The Clinic Based Organizing Initiative builds on the historical roots of community health centers, in which the clinic collective - providers and patients together - worked to address fundamental injustices in the community by exercising "power with".  The initiative’s goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of organizing efforts today in addressing the "social determinants of health" by surfacing and equipping patient leaders in communities highly impacted by health, income, and race-based disparities to act together on their own behalves to address issues at the root of those injustices.

Physical Education (PE) Campaign

The American Heart Association recommends children receive 150 minutes per week of physical education in elementary school - benefiting health, academics, and student behavior.  Some Washington schools, especially in communities highly impacted by health, income, and race-based disparities, have been failing to provide even the low current state standard of 100 minutes of PE per week.   This campaign is focusing on getting schools in the state's largest district - Seattle - to meet the state PE standard across the board, starting with those schools most impacted by health disparities.

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Sound - Action and Delegate Assembly // Asamblea de Acción con Delegados

JOIN the Sound Alliance as we gather together, harnessing our people power to move our issue work forward and take care of internal business! Local decision makers will be invited to make commitments to aid our Immigrant Rights and Project ENGAGE (equity in youth physical activity) campaigns. // PARTICIPE en la Alianza Sound, aprovechemos el poder colectivo de nuestra gente para seguir avanzando nuestro trabajo en asuntos que nos importan, también discutiremos asuntos internos! Invitaremos encargados locales con poder de decisión, a hacer compromisos que ayuden nuestra campaña sobre Derechos de los Inmigrantes y la campaña del Proyecto ENGAGE (Equidad en Actividad Física para la Juventud).

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Reclaiming Rights in the Face of Injustice: 60 People Trained.  More to Come

Reclaiming Rights in the Face of Injustice: 60 People Trained. More to Come

July 2018 -- The Sound Alliance Immigrant Rights Action Team only set up 40 chairs at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Federal Way on June 21, 2018. Then 60 people piled into the room, filling it to capacity to hear Jay Stansell, J.D. present a workshop entitled “Reclaiming the Constitution. Knowing, Defending, and Using Your Rights in the Face of Injustice.”

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Clackamas County group wants to recruit churches to help ease homeless problem

Clackamas County group wants to recruit churches to help ease homeless problem

5/8/18 - KATU 2 - Homelessness is a problem too big for any one person to solve. One group is leaving it up to faith. Pastor Craig Johnson is calling on churches to live out their values. He's the co-chair of the Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good Clackamas Housing Team and is a pastor at Christ Lutheran in Aurora.

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Sound - Know Your Rights - A Training for the Whole Community // Conozca sus Derechos - Capacitación Para Toda La Comunidad

Are you concerned about the increased threats to basic rights that immigrants are facing right now in the United States? Do you want to know your own rights or how to be an ally to an immigrant should a situation arise? Everyone living in the United States has basic rights under the constitution. If you understand these basic rights, you can share information with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. The training will include a presentation and role-play on how everyone can exercise their rights if confronted by law enforcement or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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WSU, Spokane Alliance lay ground for mobile medical clinic

WSU, Spokane Alliance lay ground for mobile medical clinic

April 25, 2018 -- The Spokesman-Review -- To create a Spokane-based mobile clinic, WSU has partnered with the Spokane Alliance, a group of roughly 30 churches, nonprofits and other community organizations. The alliance will have community forums and gather feedback from stakeholders through the end of the summer. Some ideas that already have been proposed are bringing the clinic, along with interpreters, to neighborhoods with a large number of Russian and Slavic residents, providing care around Spokane’s homeless shelters and treating people in rural areas of the county, said Dave Kovac, secretary for the Spokane Firefighters Union, a member of the alliance.

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