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IAF Northwest Affiliates

The IAF Northwest supports the charitable and educational activities of eight affiliated organizations, including:

Spokane Logo



Greater Edmonton Alliance


  • Metro Vancouver Alliance in British Columbia, Canada
    • MVA Large

    Sydney Large

    Queensland Community Alliance Logo

    Living Wage NZ

    These organizations are built using an institutional membership model that unites a diverse mix of religious institutions, education and business associations, unions and other community-based nonprofits.

    In addition, the IAF Northwest includes four start-up Alliances:

  • Calgary Alliance for the Common Good in Alberta, Canada
  • Calgary Alliance


  • Missoula Interfaith Collaborative in Montana, USA
  • Missoula Interfaith Collaborative

  • Tri-Cities Alliance for the Common Good in Washington, USA
  • Tri Cities Alliance


  • Greater Victoria Acting Together in British Columbia, Canada
  • Greater Victoria Acting Together