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Current Campaigns

IAF Northwest current campaigns

The IAF Northwest and its Affiliates develop and coordinate state and regional campaigns, both short-term and multi-year, culminating in numerous successes.

Affordable Housing

  • Supporting Metro Vancouver Alliance and MACG in researching and acting on solutions to the affordable housing crises in their cities.


All In For Washington

  • A regional initiative of IAF Washington  - uniting the Spokane and Sound Alliances - the Budget and Policy Center, and other statewide allies, All In For Washington aims to engage 6,000 Washington state residents to make a collective judgement on financing for government services such as K-12 education, higher education, physical and mental health care, public safety, and the social safety net.


Health Equity Organizing

  • Since 2009, the IAF Northwest and its affiliated Alliances have been organizing health sciences students and professionals to apply IAF organizing methodology to confront the social determinants of health.  Current programs include the Clinic Based Organizing Initiative and the Physical Education (PE) Campaign.

Immigrant Rights

  • Supporting MACG and Sound Alliance in organizing responses to increased enforcement efforts on undocumented immigrants.