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Recent Accomplishments

The work of volunteer leaders from the faith, labor, education and other community institutions that make up the IAF Northwest and its affiliates has resulted significant policy and advocacy victories.



  • Organizing strategically across the broad-base to pass an ordinance allowing new tent encampments that address the lack of temporary safe housing options for those experiencing homelessness. Advocated successfully for amendments to allow these encampments on public land, and to further study their use in residential zones.



  • Working in coalition to convince the Spokane Public Schools school board to unanimously to provide a public statement to the community in response to racial bullying.
  • Briefing 3700 people all across King CountyBest Starts for Kids Map about Best Starts for Kids, a levy that will increase resources for children. Passing with 56% of the vote, many of the electoral precincts that saw the biggest change in approval votes versus other similar prior initiatives were in the communities where briefing activities were held.


Health Care

  • Running a successful two-year campaign to bring mandatory earned sick, safe and family leave benefits to 40,000 uncovered workers in Spokane.  It is a stronger policy than most jurisdictions in the country.
  • Being the primary voice in successfully advocating for greater consumer representation in governance bodies of statewide health care entities.
  • Providing the bulk of the political muscle to pass legislation in Oregon guaranteeing health care coverage for all children.


Civil Rights


Education &  Jobs

  • Passing three Quality Jobs Ordinances that, on public works projects, create 15% rate of apprentices on projects over $350K, and give preference for local contractors, sub-contractors, and manufacturers. On the night the ordinances passed, turning out the largest amount of people - 170 - to any Spokane city council vote in 2014.
  • Negotiating a Community Workforce agreement on a $200 million school construction project and then playing a critical role in generating an overwhelming 69% yes vote to fund the much needed investment in student learning opportunities.



  • Leading a campaign to pass a county levy in Spokane to prevent 40% reductions in public transportation, winning by a 69%-31% margin


Sustainable Jobs: Building a Green and Equitable Economy

  • In 2012, securing key votes in a statewide legislative campaign that puts $1.1 billion over the next 3 years into capital and environmental infrastructure projects, including another $15 million into energy efficiency retrofit programs
  • Creating a subsidiary non-profit -  SustainableWorks that fosters high quality jobs and significantly reduces energy use / carbon emissions.  As of February 2013, SustainableWorks completed $7 million in home retrofits business (2,642 audits and 962 whole-house retrofits) and employed 230 people (Full Time Equivalents) directly and though sub-contractors.  2,324 tons of carbon emissions are now avoided annually as 962 families are enjoying $446,000 in reduced energy costs annually.
  • In 2009, Leading the statewide campaign to secure passage of legislation (called “the most comprehensive and groundbreaking green jobs legislation of our time”) that directed $15 million into creating new community-based energy efficiency retrofit programs
  • Negotiating agreements with Spokane Public Schools to adopt Green Building and apprentice utilization standards on its construction projects and then leveraging those agreements in statewide legislative campaigns to establish the same standards for all government buildings, public schools and higher education facilities


Leadership Development

  • Training over 750 people per year in local and regional leadership institutes and specialized training opportunities.