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Upcoming Events


February 11, 2017 at West Linn Lutheran

Registration and Refreshments:  9:30 am

Workshop: 10:00 am-4:00 pm with lunch

Cost:  Offering for refreshments and lunch


WHAT?  An opportunity to step back from the day to day, to get on the balcony with others to see what’s what, and to strategize together to meet the challenges we face.

“The in front of you is nothing like the world behind you” *from Canoeing the Mountains by Todd Bolsinger


WHO?  Pastors and leader teams from Clackamas congregations;  Executive Directors and leader teams from partner community organizations interested in working together.


Some of us have come to believe that what we need is transformation!--Deep, cultural change that can renew and revitalize ourselves and the communities we care about.  This is hard work.  It is needed work.  It is worthy work. And we need to do it together.


As leaders change, so organizations can change.  Transformational Leadership supports leaders who are longing for transformation and open to working collectively for it.


“In this view, the function of leadership is to mobilize people—groups, organizations, societies—to address their toughest problems.  Effective leadership addresses problems that require people to move from a familiar but inadequate equilibrium—through disequilibrium—to a more adequate equilibriium.”

Leadership Can Be Taught, Sharon Daloz Parks, p 8


Transformational Leadership brings together faith and other community leaders to do the work of transformation.  Together leaders learn the principles and practices of community organizing within the framework of adaptive leadership and other organizational change wisdom in order to:

  1. Build more effective, relational and connected organizations internally AND
  2. Work together to improve our neighborhoods and communities around us


Sponsored by Ecumenical Transformational Leadership Initiative

Led by Rev. Aimee Bruno, King of Kings Lutheran, Milwaukie, Rev. Scott Dunfee, St. Stephen Lutheran, Gladstone, Rev. Terry Moe, Director for Transformational Leadership, IAF Northwest, and Mary Nemmers, Lead Organizer, Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good


West Linn Lutheran   20390 Willamette Dr  West Linn, OR  97068   503-656-0110


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