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Welcome to the IAF Northwest!

The IAF Northwest is a regional network of broad-based community alliances in Washington, Oregon, Canada and Australia.  Each alliance’s goals are to build individual civic leadership, strengthen its member organizations, and to serve as a vehicle for these members to act in the public arena with sufficient power for the common good.

The IAF Northwest is part of the larger Industrial Areas Foundation which has affiliates in 19 additional states, the United Kingdom and Germany.   Started in 1940, the IAF is the oldest and most widely recognized network of its kind.  The IAF Northwest consists of eight established local Alliances and four start-up Alliances.

Each of the Alliances is a broad-based organization made up of a diverse group of resourceful, passionate everyday people—united through their religious, education, labor and community organizations.

The Alliances create opportunities for these people to connect and act powerfully and creatively as leaders -  to bring about practical solutions to the challenges facing their families and communities.  The IAF Northwest is nonideological and strictly nonpartisan, but proudly, publicly, and persistently political.



Clinic Based Organizing

The Clinic Based Organizing Initiative builds on the historical roots of community health centers, in which the clinic collective - providers and patients together - worked to address fundamental injustices in the community by exercising "power with".  The initiative’s goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of organizing efforts today in addressing the "social determinants of health" by surfacing and equipping patient leaders in communities highly impacted by health, income, and race-based disparities to act together on their own behalves to address issues at the root of those injustices.

Physical Education (PE) Campaign

The American Heart Association recommends children receive 150 minutes per week of physical education in elementary school - benefiting health, academics, and student behavior.  Some Washington schools, especially in communities highly impacted by health, income, and race-based disparities, have been failing to provide even the low current state standard of 100 minutes of PE per week.   This campaign is focusing on getting schools in the state's largest district - Seattle - to meet the state PE standard across the board, starting with those schools most impacted by health disparities.

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Off to National Training!

Off to National Training!

June, 2015 -- MACG is proud to be sending three Latino leaders, and MACG organizer, Paul Riek, to the Spanish language track of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) National Training in Los Angeles this week where they will deepen their community organizing knowledge and leadership skills. Meet them here!

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Annual Meeting:  New Board Members, Plans

Annual Meeting: New Board Members, Plans

June, 2015 -- The June 18 Spokane Alliance Annual Meeting at UFCW Local 1439 was a success with great turnout and representation from our membership and actions taken to move the Alliance into the next year.

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Letter to the Editor: Sick leave policy crucial

6/21/15 -- The Spokesman-Review -- Joann Pena writes how much of a difference sick leave could have made in her life when her infant son got ill with viral pneumonia. "When I returned to work, they informed me that my doctor’s note wasn’t going to help because it wasn’t me who had been sick. My job of six years ended that day, and my life started to spiral down as we tried to stay afloat."

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Donor Campaign: Support Real Impact in Your Community

Donor Campaign: Support Real Impact in Your Community

June, 2015 -- The Sound Alliance Individual Donor Campaign has just kicked off and will be going until July 16! During this month you can sustain your organization effectively creating change for the common good for your Puget Sound community.

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Best Starts for Kids Campaign Launches - Train the Briefer Sessions Set

June, 2015 -- If passed this November, the Best Starts for Kids levy would fund programs to help ensure that every child in King County has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential in life. Sound Alliance member institutions committed to briefing over 4,000 people before October about Best Starts for Kids. Read more about the campaign or to view opportunities about becoming a Briefer for the campaign.

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