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Joining MACG

Process of Joining with Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good

Thank you for your interest in finding out more about MACG membership.  Please contact Mary Nemmers with any questions.

Benefits of an Institution Joining Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good (MACG)

  • Increased influence in Greater Portland Metro Region


Typical Process for Joining

  1. Have meeting(s) between the institution's leadership and  MACG's to determine mutual interests
  2. Become an observing institution (Optional).
  3. Send a team of the institutions leaders to participate in the Leadership Institutes for Public Life. (See events for currently scheduled dates.)
  4. Share in Operational Expenses through dues payments.


Information on Dues


Each institution sets their dues investment at a level that reflects their fair share of the overall expenses
  • Fair share is determined by the size of the organization
  • measured by their budget or
  • number of members.


Our members use these guidelines to determine their fair share:


1. Ranges by Number of Members (see end note)

  • Small               $  1,000 - $ 2,999
  • Medium           $  3,000 - $7,999
  • Large              $ 8,000 - $20,000

2. Ranges by Annual Revenue

  • Religious Institutions: Pledges and Sabbath Collection for operations annually. Does not include building fund campaigns, rent from outside tenants, or parish subsidy for school support.
  • Labor Organizations: Total membership dues per local.
  • Community Based Organizations:  Annual revenue. Includes membership dues where relevant.  Does not include such items as housing income allocated toward debt service or management or maintenance.
    (Calculate dues at approximately 1% of annual revenue)



Dues can be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly and can be adjusted to keep dues in line with fluctuating revenue and budgets.

Donations from individuals also accepted.


How are Dues Used?

  • Office Space
    • Rent
    • Equipment
    • Phones, Mailings
    • Supplies
  • Staff
    • Lead Organizer
    • Part-time administrator and bookkeeper
  • Travel expense
  • Leadership Institutes, trainings, meetings - local and regional
  • Web site

MACG also administers some designated funds not from dues.
Dues cover 20 - 25% of overall expenses.

END NOTE: Religious, community, education and labor institutions use different methods for calculating equitable contributions to collective efforts – using either a percentage of their budget, or a per member contribution.

  • Per capita target: $3 - $5 per individual member per year; OR
  • Percentage budget target: 1% - 2% of the institution’s annual operating budget


For more information on becoming a member institution of MACG, please contact Mary Nemmers, Lead Organizer.