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Happy New Year from MACG! 2018 in Review

December 2018 - In 2018 MACG accomplished so much. See pictures and read about what we worked on.

December 2018

"I’ve never worked on an election before this year.  I can’t even vote myself.  But working to defeat Measure 105 was so important to me and my community that I spent a lot of time talking about it to family, friends, and parents at my kids’ schools.  I told them about the ballot measure and urged them to vote.  Being a MACG leader gave me the confidence to do this advocacy to make my community a safer and more just place.   I never saw myself as someone who could do something like this, but now I do, and it’s because of MACG."

- Soledad Torres, St. Andrew Catholic Church

Developing and supporting leaders
like Soledad is the key work of MACG.  It puts us solidly in the middle of the grassroots effort to strengthen Democracy that’s moved across the country in the past months.  

MACG depends on financial support from individual donors to keep this work going.  Will you help?

In the past year we accomplished so much:

  • Next DirectionsA four-month MACG-wide listening campaign followed by a Next Directions Assembly with over 100 MACG leaders, led to new action teams on Immigration, Housing, and Climate Change & Environmental Justice.

  • DACA leadershipLatino leaders hosted four “Call to Action for DACA” events.  Eight DACA recipients shared their stories with close to 300 attendees, building relationships between those affected by the DACA issue and those with the political power to take action. MACG’s two current Immigrant Rights Action Teams are led bilingually with the Latino leaders setting the direction for the work.

  • Leaders in Clackamas County organized an event for 80 people with the goal of encouraging institutions to host Safe Overnight Shelters on their property, attracting media coverage and participation by County Commissioners.  The team has formed a partnership with Providence Milwaukie and Willamette Falls hospitals to support people using the temporary shelters.    

  • bienestar trainingIn Washington County we’re building our base, reaching out to institutions primarily serving the Latino community.  We recently completed a well-attended leadership workshop in Spanish.

  • OHSU Health Equity Circle students and faculty secured Oregon legislative sponsorship of a bill to improve health outcomes of non-English speaking patients by requiring labeling on medications in their own languages.

This coming year, MACG will keep building our power base with more member institutions and more trained leaders to act for change in our communities across the tri-county area.  

We’re especially focused on growing our membership and diversity through organizing efforts in Clackamas and Washington counties.   Donate today to support this growth!

Your contribution supports MACG’s vision of a better community and world where everyday people take leadership and work together for the common good.

THANK YOU and have a happy New Year!


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