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Updates from MACG
Welcome Trinity Lutheran!
September, 2011. Trinity Lutheran Church joins MACG. MACG's first institution in East County!
MACG Fall Leadership Training in Two Counties! PLUS Spring Institute Testimonies
July, 2011. MACG's Basic Leadership Institute for Public Life will be held in both Multnomah and Clackamas Counties this fall. The Spring Leadership Institute this spring was a success with 22 Participants completing the Institute from 8 institutions. Read testimonies from Institute participants here.
Help MACG win Community Award! Vote now!
September, 2011 MACG’s Changing the Climate in Cully project has been nominated by State Representative Jules Bailey for a Bus Project Wheelie Award! Read more on how to vote and help us win.
Fall Leadership Institute Testimonials
October, 2011. People are talking about MACG’s Leadership Institute for Public Life. This fall, MACG held its basic training in both Multnomah and Clackamas Counties. 23 leaders from 11 prospective and member institutions finished the institute. Read more here.
Clackamas Leaders Plan Listening Campaign, Furnish House
October, 2011. Clackamas County Leaders have determined to schedule a Listening Campaign next year around the time of Lent which begins February 22 and ends on Easter, April 8. The Operating Engineers Local 701 will plan their Listening Season to best suit their scheduled activities.
Action Needed: Fill Out Your Delegate Form!
November, 2011. We are asking each institution to fill out and return this form to officially appoint delegates to the MACG Metro Organizing Team.
Portlanders for Schools Time Sensitive Actions
April 27, 2011. We've been asked by a member of a MACG institution to share two upcoming opportunities for getting involved with the Portlanders for Schools Campaign. See details here.
Organizing Money: Friends of MACG Doubles Donations!
January, 2012. The 2011-2012 Friends of MACG campaign has successfully organized $10,390 in donations since July, 2011. That’s twice as much as previous years’ averages of $5000!
MACG Looking for Office Space!
April, 2012. Bethlehem Lutheran Church has closed and the building is on the market, so MACG headquarters needs to move. Can you help us find a new home?
Listening Campaign Training Planned for May 24
April, 2012. The Clackamas Cluster met Thursday, April 19th. After reviewing the success of our Domestic Violence Survivor Housing project, we engaged in a listening plenary. We are planning on holding a Listening Campaign Training on May 24th, 7-8:30.
Winter 2012 Leadership Institute
Spring 2012 Leadership Institute
Winter and Spring Leadership Institutes: Photos!
April, 2012. MACG held two Leadership Institutes within the last three months! February’s was our first in East Multnomah County at new member Trinity Lutheran Church. The April training was held at Bethel Lutheran in North Portland.
Dunk-a-Palooza is Coming!
July, 2012. MACG leaders from current action teams are hosting a fun, family-friendly event in celebration of MACG’s 10 year anniversary on Thursday, August 23, at St. Andrew in NE Portland!!
Dunk-a-palooza flyer
Dunk-a-palooza flyer
Training Update: MACG Focuses on Institutional and Core Team Development
July, 2012. Institutional and Core Team Development has been a hot topic around MACG lately. There have been trainings around these topics at the Multnomah Cluster meeting in April, at the Institutional Leaders Caucus in May, and most recently at July’s Key Leaders Retreat. But what is it?
Trinity Lutheran Links Pressures and Musicals!
July, 2012. Craig Le May of Trinity Lutheran came back from IAF Regional Training ready to create listening in his institution. When the question was posed, “What does a community look like to you?”, one person answered, “The community I would be in would have more musicals!”
Clackamas County in the Midst of Listening Season
July, 2012. Following a listening campaign training on May 24, five Clackamas County based institutions launched listening campaigns to be held over the summer and culminate in October.
A MACG Blog Post
July, 2012. Alison Wiley, Lincoln St. UMC, did an excellent job writing up her experiences at April’s Leadership Training in her blog “Diamond-Cut Life”. She writes about the decline of civil society and how “In our current culture, people tend to see themselves as consumers, rather than citizens.”
Two MACG Members Attend National IAF Training in Chicago!
July, 2012. Chandler Kerns, RAP and Mary Nemmers, Lead Organizer from MACG joined about 65 people from around the world at IAF National Training in Chicago in June. Chandler writes of his experience:
Festival / Dunk-a-palooza – Fun but no Sun!
October, 2012. Despite an unusually cool and windy day for August 23, MACG leaders held a family friendly event with the double of intent of holding a celebration of MACG’s 10 years and of spreading the word about our current work. Despite the windy weather, 170 people attended from 16 institutions including 40 children. Read more and view photos here!
26 New Leaders!
October, 2012. 26 people from 7 institutions recently were trained in the MACG Fall Multnomah Leadership Institute for Public Life at Havurah Shalom on October 14 and 21. View photos from the event here!
Why We Organize, By Wendy Hall Curtis, Leaven Project Organizer
October 2012. The following originally appeared in the October issue of the “Leaven Project News & Redeemer Reporter”. Wendy’s story wonderfully sums up some of the main promises of organizing.
Tree after
November, 2012. As of Tuesday November 13th, MACG officially moved to new quarters in the new(beautiful!) community center at St. Andrew Catholic Church, a longtime MACG member!
MACG's Newest Member: the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
February, 2013. MACG's newest member is the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
And another! King of Kings joins MACG
February, 2013. February has brought two new member institutions for MACG! First the Oregon Synod, and now King of Kings Lutheran Church in Milwaukie!
Join us! MACG Lobby Day is May 9!
April, 2013. MACG leaders are working on a legislative equity campaign that brings health care reform, immigrant rights, and mandatory sentencing issues into a unified focus for the 2013 legislative session. They are planning a lobby day on May 9 to support their efforts.
MACG Lobby Day is Next Week!
May, 2013. MACG's Lobby Day is next Thursday, May 9th, 10AM - 4PM, at the Capitol. Some key priorities on our legislative equity agenda have passed (Yay!), and others are in the pipeline to passage. So, to make our time on the 9th most effective we've narrowed our advocacy focus for the day. Here's where things stand:
Welcome Portland Eastside Ministries and St. Stephen Lutheran!
June, 2013. MACG is proud to welcome two new member institutions this Spring: Portland Eastside Ministries and St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Gladstone. MACG is now 22 members strong!
MACG Legislative Equity Campaign Successful on All Counts!
July, 2013. In true broad-based fashion, three of MACG’s action areas – Health Care, Prison & Community, and Latino Organizing – combined forces to create a successful 2013 MACG Legislative Equity Campaign, and to organize an effective MACG-only lobby day to support it.
MACG Legislative Equity Campaign 06-13
Photos: MACG Lobby Day, May 9, 2013
May, 2013. Photos from MACG's Lobby Day, May, 2013.
Photos: MACG Lobby Day, May 9, 2013
May, 2013. On May 9, MACG turned out over 60 people for our lobby day in Salem to advocate for our legislative equity agenda. Check out some photos from the day here!
lobby day
Legislative Equity Campaign Flyer
A flyer for MACG institution's newsletters telling about our 2013 Legislative Campaign and lobby day.
Mission of the Atonement Joins MACG
July, 2013. With an eye towards becoming an "inclusive, listening and risk-taking community", Mission of the Atonement in Beaverton voted this July to join MACG.
Under 30? Oregon's Health Insurance Exchange Wants to Hear from You
July, 2013. Cover Oregon, Oregon's health insurance exchange or marketplace will be available for individuals and small business to purchase health insurance. Cover Oregon is looking for feedback from anyone under 30 about what issues Cover Oregon should be paying attention to. This is a chance for you or someone you know such as a son, daughter or neighbor, to give input about what is important.
Happy Holidays from MACG!
December, 2013. Read a Holiday message and summary of MACG's accomplishments in 2013.
Alert to MACG Members - Deadline for Health Insurance April 30
April, 2014 -- An alert to MACG members from MACG's Health Care Action Team: There is still time to sign up for health insurance through Cover Oregon. The deadline is April 30th, which is less than a week away. If you are not insured act today by filling out a Cover Oregon health insurance application.
MACG Continues to Organize En Español
May, 2014 -- Building on last year’s successful launch, and first win, MACG has continued to organize Latinos in their native Spanish language with the help of bilingual organizer Yolanda Sandoval and the Latino core team at St. Andrew Catholic Church. In the fall, the group completed a listening campaign where three issues rose to the top...
Exciting Opportunity to Support Latino Organizing
May, 2014 -- To address a need in its community, MACG Latino leaders have formed a partnership with People-Places-Things Intercultural Communication to offer ESL classes to our Latino members and other non-native English speakers from member institutions wanting to improve their language skills. We’re looking for native English speakers to learn this unique experiential method and to teach the classes.
National College of Natural Medicine Joins MACG!
June, 2014. -- The National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in downtown Portland is MACG’s latest member institution! Read the story of how the College came to know MACG and ultimately join up.
Open Enrollment: Here's What You Need to Know
November, 2014 -- The countdown is on for enrolling in health insurance for 2015. With all of the changes coming to health care in Oregon, it’s more important than ever to get the facts about what’s happening and how you and your family can get coverage that works for you. Here’s OSPIRG's guide to Oregon’s open enrollment period, which starts November 15.
Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Starts NOW! -- Double check if you need to enroll for coverage for 2015!
November, 2014 -- The MACG Health Care Action Team wants you to know: NOW is the time to sign-up for health insurance! Double check if you need to enroll for coverage for 2015!
Open Enrollment Flyer
Open Enrollment Flyer
Have a Story to Tell? Next Few Months at MACG: Listening
February, 2015 -- At the last Metro Organizing Team meeting, MACG member institutions decided to embark on a listening “campaign”. The goal is for MACG leaders to listen to each other within their institutions, to generate stories and take note of issues that we share commonly in our community.
Bilingual Safe Roads Assembly Draws 450 People, 5700 Commitments
November, 2014 -- The bilingual MACG Oregon Safe Roads Assembly on October 2 was attended by 450 people with representation from all 23 MACG member institutions and 14 other institutions. The assembly was an action on MACG itself to spread the word as widely as possible during the final month of the Oregon Safe Roads YES on 88 campaign before election day on November 4th.
Bob and Wendy Crowd
One to one
Story behind screen
Welcome to new Latino Organizer Paul Riek!
January, 2015 -- MACG has a new Latino Organizer! Paul Riek is bilingual/bicultural community organizer with many years' experience working with marginalized Latino communities. He is a member of MACG member St. Andrew Catholic Church.
Gretta and Isabel
Language Partners Bridge Cultural Divides
March, 2015 -- After the amazing organizing effort around Measure 88, there was a strong desire to continue building relationships between the Latino and English speaking communities at MACG member institution St. Andrew Catholic Church. MACG had already been working with St. Andrew and People-Places-Things PDX to provide English classes in the summer, but we saw there was a strong desire for something more personal. And developing authentic relationships is the best way to learn language, anyway!
Training for 180 on Executive Immigration Action; Sparks Rich Discussion
March, 2015 -- On February 15, 180 people – many of them undocumented immigrants – gathered for MACG’s Executive Action on Immigration Training at St. Andrew for a briefing and discussion on the new Federal immigration policy which President Obama issued in November. The training was a success by many measures. Almost double the number of people attended as were expected. But most of all, there was rich discussion coming from different table groups as participants did an analysis together about what the policy would mean for them and their families, and the larger political climate affecting the Executive Action.
Table Leader presentation
180 people
180 people
Exec Action
One Institution's Listening Goes Deep. Plus - Save the Date: Discernment Assembly May 18
April, 2015 -- MACG's 2015 listening campaign is in full swing, with many institutions having completed listening activities such as house meetings or one to ones. One institution in particular, Havurah Shalom, has executed a model listening process which we will describe here for inspiration. MACG's listening campaign will end with a Discernment Assembly on May 18 - save the date!
Welcome, OHSU Health Equity Circle!
April, 2015 MACG is pleased to welcome our newest member institution, the OHSU Health Equity Circle (HEC)! The HEC is an interdisciplinary group of students, providers and community partners taking action together for health equity. It is also part of a larger IAF Northwest Health Equity Organizing initiative.
Over 600 Participate in MACG-wide Listening Campaign. Discernment Assembly this Monday!
May, 2015 -- The results are in! Over half of MACG's member institutions held 37 listening events and listened to over 600 people during the course of the MACG-wide 2015 listening campaign! The next task is to take what we heard and discern the issue areas that will engage the most new leaders and have the biggest positive impact on the community, which we will do at Monday's Discernment Assembly.
Discernment: What Did We Hear?
June, 2015 -- At the May 18 Discernment Assembly, 45 leaders from over half of MACG's institutions took on the big task of distilling 3 months worth of listening (to over 600 people) to just a few issues that affected the widest base of people.
One to One Meetings
Table Group
Off to National Training!
June, 2015 -- MACG is proud to be sending three Latino leaders, and MACG organizer, Paul Riek, to the Spanish language track of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) National Training in Los Angeles this week where they will deepen their community organizing knowledge and leadership skills. Meet them here!
MACG Welcomes OHSU Department of Family Medicine to our Alliance!
September, 2015 - Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good is excited to announce our newest member, OHSU Department of Family Medicine. OHSU Family Medicine will play a key role in MACG and IAF Northwest's Health Equity Organizing initiative.
Stories of Leadership, and a Fundraising Challenge!
May 2015 -- MACG's mission is to organize a collective effort to bring positive change to our community. In addition, cultivating new and veteran leaders so that we have a powerful base to take on the next issue is also a top priority, and these leadership skills benefit the leaders themselves and their institutions. To keep this great work going, we need your support. Today, we present Stories of Leadership where you can see stories from three of our leaders from across the broad-base. We hope these will inspire you to participate in an exciting fundraising challenge.
National Training
National Training
Table Group
Table Group
Leaders Celebrate MACG’s Actions, Welcome New
July, 2015 -- On July 16th, 39 leaders representing MACG’s diverse institutions gathered at Luther Memorial Lutheran Church for MACG's annual meeting to celebrate older action teams and launch new work.
MACG sends 35 to Housing Bureau meeting. Committee votes to spend tens of millions more on affordable housing.
August, 2015 -- Members of MACG’s Affordable Housing Team and other MACG members made a big splash advocating for affordable housing at Tuesday’s public hearing at the Portland Housing Bureau. Our presence at the hearing was impressive, with over 35 MACG members in attendance from six institutions at a daytime meeting!
Emily Davis
Video 100 walking in
Video 100 at Hearing
Time to Act! Affordable Housing Action on October 13
October, 2015 -- The affordable housing CRISIS is changing the heart of Portland, and MACG has been fighting back this summer with a campaign to bring tens of millions of dollars to affordable housing projects in Portland. We've already made a lot of progress, but need your presence at a press conference at city hall on October 13!
140 at MACG City Hall Affordable Housing Action
October, 2015 -- MACG turned out more than 140 people to City Hall to demand more funding for Affordable Housing to address the housing crisis in Portland by “Taking TIF to 50%” (#TakeTIFto50).
Power to the people! After a classic campaign, MACG and allies win $67 million for affordable housing
October, 2015 -- On Wednesday, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to increase funding for affordable housing by 67 million dollars.
Manny One to One
Assembly Wrap-up and Next Steps: Tiny Houses
August, 2016 -- Over 100 Clackamas County leaders – the majority from faith communities – attended a MACG Housing Assembly on August 3rd at Milwaukie Lutheran Church. The focus of the event was to learn about the county’s growing housing crisis, and one particular strategy for addressing homelessness that could involve congregations.
A New Year's Challenge
December, 2016 -- Across the political spectrum, widespread anxiety about people’s economic futures - combined with hopelessness and frustration with government's ability to improve the situation – laid the foundation for populist surges that challenged the establishments in both major parties in the recent US presidential election. At its worst, the campaign pitted Americans against each other, exposed race and gender prejudices, and further eroded people’s confidence in government. In this context, the well refined relational organizing practices of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and its affiliates across the US and beyond are needed now more than ever.
MACG Associate Organizer Position Description
MACG Associate Organizer Position Description
MACG Housing Work Gains Momentum in Two Counties
October, 2016 -- MACG’s affordable housing work continues to grow with 250 leaders in attendance at a September 29th assembly in Portland, and 160 total at two recent assemblies in Clackamas County.
PDXCityCouncil_Relocation OrdinanceHearing_02-02-17_BriefingSheet.pdf
PDXCityCouncil_Relocation OrdinanceHearing_02-02-17_BriefingSheet.pdf
Victory for Stable Families and Communities! Tenant Relocation Assistance Passes
February 2017 -- Over 75 MACG members added their voices to the crowd at City Hall on Feb 2, 2017, successfully supporting a critical emergency Tenant Relocation Assistance ordinance which passed 5-0. It was a victory for stable communities and families in the face of the Portland housing crisis.
Tenant Relocation Hearing
Three MACG Leaders Testify
Take the Housing Survey!
September 2017. Thank you to all MACG members and guests that attended our housing forums on September 10th and 11th! Our work to provide the City of Portland with our community's input is not finished, however! If you have not done so already, (whether you attended a forum or not) please take their survey as soon as possible.