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Welcome to the Sound Alliance!


Who We Are


We are a diverse group of resourceful, passionate people from across the Puget Sound area – united through our religious, education, labor and community organizations – who are seeking the best of ourselves and our communities.  The Sound Alliance was founded in 2008 to create opportunities for people to grow, connect and act powerfully and creatively to bring about practical solutions to the challenges facing our families and communities.

What We Believe

We believe in the core principles established by the founders of our democratic, religious and civic institutions whose faith and values root us in a deep respect for dignity and potential of all people, a responsibility for stewardship of the natural world, and a vision of the world as it should be.

What We Do

We listen to the stories of thousands of people in our communities to understand the world as it is - the painful stories of people being whipsawed by powerful forces that undermine their well-being and the hopeful stories filled with their passion for a better world.  Our listening campaigns dig deep to find untapped leaders and surface the issues most impacting everyday people.

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We plan – based on careful research and analysis done by Research Action Teams – ways to implement creative and practical solutions to the challenges we face.  We invest in our own development by participating in Leadership Institutes and supporting each other in becoming effective public leaders.

We act to deliver on our proposals, exercising our collective power through negotiations with public and private sector leaders and undertaking strategic initiatives we’ve designed to help bring about our vision of the world as it should be.

We evaluate our action, learning from our experience to become more strategic and effective. We recognize and are inspired by the spirit, imagination, and resilience of the unlikely heroes who have stepped up to lead their communities and unleash our potential to create the world that can be.

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