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Recent Accomplishments

The Sound Alliance has won victories in the areas of sustainable jobs and the environment,  housing, health care and immigrant and civil rights.


  • Sound Alliance’s organizing practices helped lead to the successful opening and public funding of the Federal Way Day Center for the unsheltered in 2016 after a 3+ year campaign. The Center will provide basic services such as showers and laundry, as well as case management, helping the houseless maintain dignity and get back on their feet more quickly.


  • Best Starts for Kids MapIn 2015, briefed 3700 people all across King County about Best Starts for Kids, a levy that will increase resources for children. Passing with 56% of the vote, many of the electoral precincts that saw the biggest change in approval votes versus other similar prior initiatives were in the communities that Sound Alliance held the most activities.


  • In March 2015, organized strategically across the broad-base to pass a Seattle ordinance allowing new tent encampments that address the lack of temporary safe housing options for those experiencing homelessness. Advocated successfully for amendments to allow these encampments on public land, and to further study their use in residential zones.


  • Immigrant Rights Safe CommunitiesIn 2013 in King County, secured passage of one of the strongest ordinances in the nation that rebuilds trust between law enforcement agencies and immigrant communities while helping keep families intact.

  • Also in 2013, negotiated a Community Workforce agreement on a $200 million school construction project and then playing a critical role in generating an overwhelming 69% yes vote to fund the much needed investment in student learning opportunities.


  • Teamed up with the Spokane Alliance in 2012 to deliver key swing votes for a $1.1 billion statewide jobs bill that is creating 20,000 over 3 years in the hard hit construction industry. The package includes $15 million in funding for moderate income retrofits that builds on and is significantly expanding Community Energy Efficiency Program created though a legislative campaign led by the Alliances in 2009.

  • ElectriciansCreated the policy and financial support infrastructure needed for  IAF Northwest's subsidiary nonprofit – SustainableWorks -  to become one of the most successful examples in the country of the otherwise elusive promise of "green jobs".  In its height it employed over 240 people, completed 740 comprehensive retrofits ($7 million of work) and reduced annual carbon emissions by 1,324 tons.


  • Conducted a foreclosure prevention campaign that trained more than 100 people to be more effective advocates for themselves and pressed Bank of America executives to open their first customer service center in Washington state in 2011 to deliver in-person loan servicing support for distressed borrowers trying to save their homes.

  • Crafted legislation and led the campaign in 2009 to secure passage of “the most comprehensive and groundbreaking green jobs legislation of our time” (Green for All) - designating $14.5 million for community-based energy efficiency retrofit projects that  that create “green” jobs for lower-income and disadvantaged communities.
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  • Partnered with the Spokane Alliance to create a nonprofit enterprise –SustainableWorks (see above) to retrofit homes in high-need neighborhoods across the state.


  • Negotiated with officials from Red Cross and the City of Federal Way in 2008 to equip St. Vincent’s Catholic Church with an emergency generator and designate it an emergency warming station to serve local residents in the event of disasters or power outages

  • Engaged in campaigns to secure a King County ordinance that reduces racial and ethnic profiling by county employees, and restore full funding in the state budget for medical interpretation services.