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Leadership Training

Learn about fundamental organizing skills and develop the tools to transform private pain into public action.

Sound Alliance conducts Leadership Institutes several times a year. Leadership institutes are free of charge for people from Sound Alliance member institutions.

As a Leadership Institute graduate, you will come away with an understanding of:

  • Why organizing matters
  • Fundamental organizing skills
  • Strengthening institutions
  • Turning problems into winnable issues
  • Using relational power in the public arena to negotiate for the common good

The Institutes are intended for:

1. Leaders of institutions that are members of Sound Alliance or another local IAF affiliate; are actively exploring membership; or are participating in a startup organizing/sponsoring committee.

2. Members of those organizations who are actively engaged in a local IAF affiliate and/or who have attended local Leadership Institutes.

Check our Events page for upcoming Institutes.  To learn more, please contact Sound Alliance at or (206) 838-8505.

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