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Welcomes and Transitions

March, 2016. The Sound Alliance would like to wish a warm welcome to two new member institutions - Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304 and Interpreters United Local 1671, WFSE/AFSCME Council 28. In addition the Sound Alliance is recognizing the service of two top leaders - Board President Jonathan Knapp, and Reverend James Kubal-Komoto as they transition to new positions.

March, 2016


The Sound Alliance would like to wish a warm welcome to two new member institutions!

WFSE Local 304Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304 represents the dedicated staff of community colleges and general government offices in King County.  Workers represented by this local perform a variety of tasks in the government such as Facilities, IT, Clerical, Custodial, Business Services, Ecology, and more.

WFSE Local 1671

Interpreters United Local 1671, WFSE/AFSCME Council 28 is the labor union for interpreters providing services for the State of Washington.  It represents more than 1500 active Interpreters representing many languages around the State.

Welcome to the Sound Alliance!


...and Transitions

Jonathan KnappThe Sound Alliance would like to recognize current Sound Alliance President Jonathan Knapp as he transitions away from his role serving as President of the Sound Alliance's Board and President of the Seattle Education Association (SEA).

During his six-year tenure at the SEA Jonathan learned from Sound Alliance and then implemented relational organizing practices to successfully engage members and win campaigns. For example, as part of the SEA’s peer leader identification strategy, Association governance officers and staff visited nearly every building in the district and asked educators "who are the trusted and respected leaders in this building?" Every time a building-level leader was mentioned, a dot was put next to his or her name.  Lots of dots meant high peer recognition.  Jonathan along with other SEA leaders then formed relationships with as many of these leaders as possible through 1-1 meetings.  This relationship-building was a key practice that made the Association powerful and united through a successful 2015 strike. We wish Jonathan the best in whatever endeavor he lands in next.

Rev. James Kubal-KomotoThe Sound Alliance would also like to congratulate top Alliance leader Reverend Dr. James Kubal-Komoto as he accepts a new position as the Regional Lead for the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association, resigning as minister at Sound Alliance member Saltwater Church.  In his new role he will lead a team of 12 people in providing programs and services to 188 congregations in 13 states.

Reverend James played keyed roles in the Sound Alliance’s work on immigration, Best Starts for Kids, and the Federal Way Day Shelter. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with him in his new position.

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