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Spokane Alliance Accomplishments



  • School Bullying: Following almost 9 weeks of work by Spokane Alliance members and allied organizations, the Spokane Public Schools school board voted unanimously to provide a public statement to the community in response to recent bullying.
    • The statement included: Reaffirmation of SPS commitment to respect for all students
    • Commitment to swift enforcement of harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB) policies
    • Contact information for those needing to report incidents or concerns
    • Context to the divisive year in politics




  • Sick, Safe, and Family Leave Campaign: A successful two-year campaign to bring mandatory earned sick, safe and family leave benefits to 40,000 uncovered workers in Spokane.  It is a stronger policy than most jurisdictions in the country.
    • Developed city-wide policy after a year and half of conversations with over 50 local businesses and nonprofits and hundreds of individuals.
    • Held assemblies in front of elected officials with over 650 attendees. Brought over 80 individuals to testify at city council meetings.
    • Held press conferences and generated coverage. Published dozens of letters to the editor and op-eds. Delivered over 1000 supportive cards from Spokane residents to City council members.
  • Policy will take effect in 2017.  Construction workers are exempt.  Businesses with 10 or more employees - employees will earn a minimum of 5 days of sick and safe leave.  Businesses with less than 10 employees - employees will earn a minimum of 3 days.


  • National Recognition: US Senator Patty Murray invited the Spokane Alliance to join her in a joint press conference on paid sick leave, recognizing our local campaign, and announcing her national policy on the same topic.


  • Public Safety & Mental Health: Researched and successfully advocated for a Jail Diversion Facility - which moves people in mental health and substance use crises out of jail and into treatment  - to be the top priority for the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council.




  • Quality Jobs Spokane Campaign: Building on the Public Facilities District win, took the campaign to another level and developed three Ordinances with city council leaders to:
  1. Create 15% rate of apprentices on all public works projects over $350K (5% year one, 10% year two, and 15% year three on)
  2. Codify location for contractors & sub-contractors to be considered evaluation criteria in design-build contracts
  3. Consider sales tax in determining the lowest bid for the purchases of supplies, materials, and equipment.
    Between 11/24/14 - 12/15/14 we turned out 28 Alliance leaders to testify in support of the Quality Jobs Ordinances at the three City Council meetings.  On the night of the vote, we turned out over 170 leaders –
    the largest turnout to any city-council meeting in 2014. Council voted and passed all three city-wide ordinances.


  • Action -  Inequality For All Film: Co-organized film screening helping to turnout a sell-out crowd of 700+.
  • Action - Increasing Our Quality of Life Assembly: Turned out over 215 people to a Summer 2014 action assembly.  Secured commitments from religious leaders, business leaders, elected officials and the health department to move Spokane Alliance issue campaigns forward.
  • Leadership Development: 16 Spokane Alliance members attended the week long IAF Regional Training, and 39  attended the 2-day local leadership training.   Individuals increased leadership skills through holding numerous roles in actions and research team meetings.  Built the Executive Team and city-wide Leadership Team.




  • City Ballot Feb 2013: Spokane Alliance committed to talk with over 1,300 people to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in order to support the Library Levy.  We reached our commitment and successfully helped pass the Levy.
  • Convention Center and Spokane Arena Project Continued: In November 2012, Spokane Alliance made a deal with the Public Facilities District (PFD) to heighten the expectations for the contractor to be hired for this expansion job.  The PFD kept the deal.  On April 19th, 2013 after the Spokane Alliance interviewed each of the three contractor finalists we identified which contractor we thought would be best for Spokane’s families and economy.  The PFD worked with us and together we won quality jobs for Spokane residents: Contractors hired locally, utilized a 15% rate of apprenticeship, and gave preference to contractors that bought materials locally.  In the end, we kept $38 out of $42 million spent on the project in Spokane.
  • Action - City Council Candidate Forum: Turned out over 220 people to an October 2013 assembly.  Secured commitments from city council candidates on quality jobs, sick leave, the Spokane River, and public safety funding.



Leadership Development

  • Developed 32 new leaders through local campaigns and actions.
  • Trained 21 Spokane Alliance members in a two-day local Leadership Institute.
  • Three leaders attended week-long Regional and National training.
  • One leader attended a 3-day training on Transformational Leadership.
  • Three new organizations joined Spokane Alliance.


Local Campaigns

  • Supporting Local Jobs. Spokane Alliance’s Jobs Team led the effort to engage the Public Facilities District (PFD) to make their upcoming expansion on the Convention Center and Arena a truly local project. The PFD will hire local contractors and employees and use a local manufacturer. We supported a modest increase for the hotel/motel tax to directly help fund this Design/Build project.  We are still meeting with the PFD board to continue to push for apprenticeship utilization and full family health care.

  • Shifting Public Conversation about Spokane’s Budget. During the Spokane City Budget process, Spokane Alliance responded to dramatic cuts to city services and jobs.  We changed the way people where talking about the budget and shifted the tone of how the budget was covered in the news by:
      • Bringing attention to a budget that cuts services and threatens our safety
      • Turning out over 60 people to the budget hearings, which is the most people to ever turn out for a budget conversation.
      • Engaging citizens in the process when the city was silent.

  • Keeping Spokane Beautiful. Spokane Alliance built a public relationship with absentee landlords next to Westminster UCC Church.  We asked them to clean up their property.  They are acting on our request.


Senate Pic

State-Wide Campaign: Washington State Jobs Bill

Spokane Alliance partnered with our sister organization in the Puget Sound, Sound Alliance to pass a $1.1 billion construction bill that is creating over 18,000 jobs in Washington State.  It includes $54 million of projects in the Spokane area, such as the rest of the needed funds to complete the WSU Medical School and expand a learning center at our local community college.   The bill included money to develop the Centennial Bike Trail, a pedestrian bridge and a number of other local projects.  It also included funding for the Community Energy Efficiency Pilot program (CEEP), which has been a primary funding source for Sustainable Works.

Spokane Alliance members played a key role in this campaign.  We led strategic efforts by phone banking our membership to educate them about the bill and encouraged them to call their legislators. Our members met with local city and county officials to gain their support. A team of 12 traveled to Olympia to meet with all Spokane County State Representatives. The Alliance organized a press conference/rally with over 100 Alliance leaders and all TV, newspaper, and local radio stations turned out. The Jobs Bill has already made a difference for many of our families who have been put back to work and it has spurred other local investment and development.


Earlier Accomplishments


Spokane Alliance has accomplished a lot since our inception.   Please click here to see a list of achievements since our founding.

Upcoming Events
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