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Success Stories

Apprentice Praises Green-Jobs Effort
My name is Eric Anthony, I am an Ironworker with Local 14. Today, I have a good job that pays well and has benefits, because you pushed an agreement with Spokane Public Schools three years ago.
Success Stories
A Woman Steel Worker Leads Environmental Jobs Effort
As a steel worker, Cathy Gunderson had already chosen an unusual career path for a woman. After many years in this demanding job, she was laid off when her plant was closed. She was left with a feeling of wanting to make a positive difference. Having seen first-hand how much energy is required to make steel, she was concerned about the impact on our environment.
Living-Wage Job Offers Direction, Hope to Troubled Youth
Youth and education became a focus of the Spokane Alliance several years ago, as Alliance institutions became aware of the detrimental trends occurring in the youth population and a 38% dropout rate in Spokane Schools. Hopping from job to job, Joe Costin was one of my young people in Spokane, who found it difficult to settle into anything he found very worthwhile or supporting after high school. "I worked for a labor ready place, I just couldn’t find my niche,” Joe said.
Business Manager Gains Skills to Stand Up For Members
John Little, a new alliance leader and Business Representative of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 55 in Spokane, had one of his first public speaking experiences at the 2012 Spokane Alliance press conference on the Washington Jobs bill.